Cow Hollow: Shoppers dream, youthful vibe and quiet residential streets.

Cow Hollow

In 1776, when San Francisco’s first settlement was established on the Presidio, Cow Hollow was filled with freshwater springs, grassy meadows and sand hills inhabited by wildlife. In the mid-1800s settlers came to the area, then known as Spring Valley, and soon began farming around a large lagoon. It wasn’t long before dairy farming became the predominant activity; hence the name Cow Hollow, which has survived to the present.

Today Cow Hollow is a lovely neighborhood filled with young professionals, young families and residents that have called Cow Hollow their home for decades. It is a well-maintained neighborhood made up of preserved Edwardian and Victorian houses with new construction now dotting the streets. Cow Hollow also carries over some of its charm from neighborhood communities including the Marina and Pacific Heights.

The neighborhood is rather quiet with the exception of the Union Street’s commercial drag. The area is a shopper’s dream, comprised of fashion boutiques, cafes, health clubs, antique stores and almost anything to get you ready for the perfect night out. At night, Union Street is buzzing with nightlife. It offers plenty of fine dining restaurants, trendy dive bars and expensive wine taverns.

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